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Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Love

In today’s podcast, we hear the HATMAN’S thoughts on love.
He reminisces about a 1972 famous football team, and makes no apology for not kissing the posters on his wall.
He eventually remembers the magnificent Miss Kidman and wonders about his first love, Alison a fine girl who may not have noticed his sandals were never done up.
To visit moments from Italy and to learn of loving unconditionally  make his evening’s walk a podcast where the clock is running and a time to think freely.

Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Bench

In today’s podcast we go into more detail of the origins of the HATMAN.
A search for some bits and pieces and thingymajigs in the loft is where it all began.
He tells us of what he can and can’t recall, and the emptiness he felt the year that Frank Sinatra passed.
He wasn’t always the gorgeous innocent little cherub he has become, and he knows what a distance the tightrope walkers travel.
When he struggles to see the good, a little help from the opticians has always been there.
Today when he walks he looks for a great place to sit and think of yesterdays and the tomorrows. He’s a fortunate soul and he is grateful for his “family”.


Try All You Want #18


This week, Daniel tries to rein in Clay’s dabbling after learning his friend is not going to be trying out Tai Chi. The guys also discuss camping, rock climbing, whether Hat Man’s love life latest can be discussed, consider the gloomy outlook for indy podcasts and they look back at 1994. Inevitably, there are the usual arguments around music.

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Try All You Want #17

This week, Clay and Daniel present a shoegazing-themed special, though Daniel’s not convinced Shoegazing is his co-host’s thing. Meantime, the gadget-loving American tries to persuade Daniel that he really is all at one with nature, before proceeding to show him his latest gadgets. In and around the shoegazing (and songs that may not actually fit into the shoegazing genre after all), the guys talk Proms, deep breathing techniques, baldness, and more.

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Sarah Hunt on Meditation

Sarah is a full-time mediation teacher. I took a pause in our walk to ask her about meditation and what it means to her and to understand a little bit about her philosophy on teaching meditation.

Meditation is making your mind your friend rather than your master controlling you.


Try All You Want #16

This week, Clay and Daniel talk tacos (soft or hard shell?), Judo, ghostly experiences, delve deeper into just where it might have gone wrong for creators in the digital age, and as usual, take issue with one or two of the other’s song choices.

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Digital Calm #19: A time to reflect

This week’s episode coincided with the National Day of Reflection here in the UK. Taking a pause for the cause was a great idea.

We’ve been in this lockdown gig for a year now. We’ve changed our ways of working, our ways of relating to people, and we’ve changed many of our habitual ways of being.

I hope you were able to make conscious choices about what to change and in making those changes, develop more fit-for-purpose habits.

In this episode, Naomi and I reflect on our individual and collective journeys over the past 12 months of recording this podcast and the changes we’ve made to our lives living in a pandemic world.

Reflection is cool.

Now it’s time to consolidate lessons learned and make plans for the way forward.