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Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Love

In today's podcast, we hear the HATMAN'S thoughts on love. He reminisces about a 1972 famous football team, and makes no apology for not kissing the posters on his wall. He eventually remembers the magnificent Miss Kidman and wonders about his first love, Alison a fine girl who may not have noticed his sandals were never done up. To visit moments from Italy and to learn of loving unconditionally  make […]

todayApril 24, 2021


Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Bench

In today's podcast we go into more detail of the origins of the HATMAN. A search for some bits and pieces and thingymajigs in the loft is where it all began. He tells us of what he can and can't recall, and the emptiness he felt the year that Frank Sinatra passed. He wasn't always the gorgeous innocent little cherub he has become, and he knows what a distance the […]

todayApril 17, 2021


Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Travelling through Infinity

In today's podcast, we visit some giddy heights. They are scary places but then with the magic of mathematics we slow time down, and take a second breath.  Michael Edwards and Denzel Washington give us some inspiration on what we might be able to be if we practice enough. The mathematical and logical world will prove one thing and our physical selves prove they are wrong. Because we "do" best. […]

todayMarch 20, 2021


Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: The “1 from 3” Methodology

 In this Episode of Wisdom Walking with the HATMAN, on a very cold morning the HATMAN shares some stories from the distant past and offers some financial thoughts. We travel back to 1990 and beyond and hear of two mathematicians. Fast forward and we discuss relationships, honesty, and a cold beer to bring about a lovely change. The "1 from 3" methodology may help us look forward to the […]

todayMarch 13, 2021


Wisdom Walking with the Hatman – The Blame Game

In this episode, of Walking Wisdom with the HATMAN, he discusses his views on "Blame" and the Blame Game. Is it a game that we should play? Does it help us when we blame others, and more importantly does it help us when we blame ourselves? He thinks back to a pair of movies with "heroes" to help their character's loved ones. Mr. De Niro and Mr. Williams are enlightening […]

todayMarch 6, 2021


Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Are We There Yet?

A walk with the HATMAN and the trustworthy Harvey through the park exploring moments from the 1970s whilst looking to the skies. He wonders when things will change for the better, he knows they will, just not yet. Schoolboy memories of playing football and not wanting to play the piano leads to a good recollection of Kay Brophy. He's not yet fluent in Mandarin but offers the wisdom of Brahma, […]

todayFebruary 27, 2021