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Try All You Want #18 This week, Daniel tries to rein in Clay's dabbling after learning his friend is not going to be trying out Tai Chi. The guys also discuss camping, rock climbing, whether Hat Man's love life latest can be discussed, consider the gloomy outlook for indy podcasts and they look back at 1994. Inevitably, there are the usual arguments around music. Follow the show on Twitter @TryAllYouWant_ The Playlist

todayApril 14, 2021


Try All You Want #17

This week, Clay and Daniel present a shoegazing-themed special, though Daniel’s not convinced Shoegazing is his co-host’s thing. Meantime, the gadget-loving American tries to persuade Daniel that he really is all at one with nature, before proceeding to show him his latest gadgets. In and around the shoegazing (and songs that may not actually fit into the shoegazing genre after all), the guys talk Proms, deep breathing techniques, baldness, and […]

todayApril 5, 2021


Try All You Want #16

This week, Clay and Daniel talk tacos (soft or hard shell?), Judo, ghostly experiences, delve deeper into just where it might have gone wrong for creators in the digital age, and as usual, take issue with one or two of the other's song choices. The Playlist

todayMarch 27, 2021


Try All You Want #15

On this week's Try All You Want, Clay and Daniel looked at all the various forms of social media, discussed what key components would Clay's dream social media consist of, looked at the positive and negative impact of social media on creators, mused on the brilliance of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, argued over an Alice Cooper track and looked at their joint fear of boredom and their respective struggles […]

todayMarch 20, 2021


Try All You Want #13 – Does Daniel Have Small Talk Game?

This week, Clay talks biometric chips, grills Daniel about his SMALL TALK game, introduces his co-host to the 'Lancaster Hook', and then, well, the whisky kicks in. The guys also talk jabs, TV reboots, and we introduce a new feature, ‘Clay’s Column’, in which the show controller describes famous album covers of yesteryear. The Playlist

todayMarch 7, 2021


Try All You Want #12

Sometimes the wisest person in the kingdom is the fool... Every Friday night the two court jesters of WEX Radio get together to talk about...well to talk about anything and everything. This week: Half-cut show controller Clay Lowe has had one whisky too many, while Daniel takes issue with Clay's TV show recommendation from the week before. The boys also talk about how to plan road trips, bubble swapping, the […]

todayFebruary 27, 2021