Designing your post Covid-19 life


Gail Golden posed an interesting question:

When the world gets back to whatever the next normal may be, do you want your life to be the way it was before, or are there things you’re learning out of this?

In addition to this, what things about your old lifestyle do you hate, and what things are you really looking forward to once this lockdown Hell has ended?

I can’t wait to hang out in coffee shops and mountains again.

Oh and if you’re wondering who Gail Golden is she wrote the book: Curating Your Life: Ending the Struggle for Work-Life Balance.

Golden encourages people to look at the work-life balance equation in a different way:

Instead of thinking we’re circus acrobats trying to juggle our lives while walking on a tightrope, think of yourself as a museum curator pulling together an exhibit. The most important decision to make is, ‘What is your exhibit about?’

Using this model pick out the two or three main “works of art” that is your life and disregard pieces that no longer fit in your life and make other parts of your life side exhibits.

I like the idea of viewing my life as art. It’s something I aspire to as I contemplate the renaissance of Clay.


“If you eliminate things that are unimportant and then spend just enough time on the things that are necessary but not important you will have energy to do the things that are your greatness—the things that matter and where your passion lies.”

Of course, it’s not an easy game:

There are things that you may do because they’re meaningful and enriching for you, and things you do that you don’t like very much but your boss or your family needs you to do them. You cannot ignore the priorities of the people around you. The danger is we make everybody else’s priorities more important than your own all of the time. That’s part of work-life balance that doesn’t work

But the bottom line is get clear about what’s real and forge a new path forward.

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