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Digital Calm #19: A time to reflect

todayMarch 25, 2021


This week’s episode coincided with the National Day of Reflection here in the UK. Taking a pause for the cause was a great idea.

We’ve been in this lockdown gig for a year now. We’ve changed our ways of working, our ways of relating to people, and we’ve changed many of our habitual ways of being.

I hope you were able to make conscious choices about what to change and in making those changes, develop more fit-for-purpose habits.

In this episode, Naomi and I reflect on our individual and collective journeys over the past 12 months of recording this podcast and the changes we’ve made to our lives living in a pandemic world.

Reflection is cool.

Now it’s time to consolidate lessons learned and make plans for the way forward.

Written by: Clay Lowe

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