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    Lao Tze said: Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.
    Tonight on the Digital Calm show we are talking about self-leadership. We’ll be exploring the four pillars of self-leadership: knowing who you are, knowing what you do, knowing what you need to learn, and using what you know.
    We go LIVE at 8PM over at…Read More

  • Do you believe in dragons?

    I got a chance to spend some time with Jenny Leggott author of the fabulous YA series Sammy Rambles. I’m super excited to be doing a show with her on 10 March on WEX Radio I’ll drop the details for it in the group later.

  • I enjoyed the Wisdom Cafe LIVE Room session today. Thanks, Ernie Boxall and Mike Trussell for stopping by.
    Had a conversation with Mike about the rise of the generalist which reminded me of this quote from sci-fi writer, Robert A. Heinlein

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