Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Love

In today’s podcast, we hear the HATMAN’S thoughts on love. He reminisces about a 1972 famous football team, and makes no apology for not kissing the posters on his wall.Continue reading

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Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Bench

In today’s podcast we go into more detail of the origins of the HATMAN. A search for some bits and pieces and thingymajigs in the loft is where it allContinue reading

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Try All You Want #18

  This week, Daniel tries to rein in Clay’s dabbling after learning his friend is not going to be trying out Tai Chi. The guys also discuss camping, rock climbing,Continue reading

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Digital Calm #21: Are your successes your own

In this week’s episode we tackle the question: are your successes your own, or are they the culmination of luck and what others have given you?   The Playlist

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Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Breaking and making rules

In today’s episode, the HATMAN realises he has been breaking rules for a long time. He wonders what purpose our own rules and the rules of others have had uponContinue reading

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